Romantische Landschaft mit Menschenopfer

Romantische Landschaft mit Menschenopfer
Weißt Du wieviel Wolken gehen weithin über alle Welt...

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

Too Early Spring

The early blossom fades away
Beneath the steel blue sky,
With hammering boots the asphalt cowboy
Down yonder walks his way.
The mocking birds on leafless trees
Beneath a burning sun
Silently stare upon the graves
And then they carry on,
Out of the mist a distant horn
Blows vainly in the wind,
While voices still insinuate you
A marathon race to run…

But while you tried you’ve gone astray
Ignoring the blue line;
The streets lie empty, the game is over
No need no more to run.
The silent bird with hasty wings
Flies low and then it hides;
With empty eyes the houses stare
Down on you from both sides;
And while you walk the empty street
You vaguely try to find
What you have tried, what you have lost,
And what you might have gained.

You wonder; you still wait for rain,
It has been years you know;
But while you look out to the sky
A hot wind starts to blow.
The ancient windmill starts to shriek,
You feel she cracks in pain.
The well has fallen dry since years,
There’s nothing more to gain.
A dust cloud rises from the ground
And grows into the sky;
You see it heading for your home
It needs no reason why.

No question you had ever asked
Has found a sound solution;
You never could convince yourself
Of any resolution;
You stood aghast while handy men
Stepped forward for their act;
You still watched in bewilderment
While global life was wrecked.
And while the cracks began to grow,
To deepen and to widen,
You got aware that reason, wit
And sanity were hiding -

They died in one long violent night
That lasted hundred years;
While we lay down in deepest dreams
To get used to our nightmares;
Wherever you roam, wherever you go
This world is filled with leaders,
Eager to tell you where it’s at
And where to buy your sneakers;
They tell you what to dream or read,
They tell you what to drink or eat;
And when you die they finally say
About everything you done: you did it your way!

The springs are hot and silent now,
The skies are cloudless blue;
And if you wonder how this came
They tell you it was you.
You were too greedy, you made waste,
You needed too many resources,
You changed the climate globally,
It’s you to feel remorse.
It’s they who warned you right in time
Before it’d be too late;
Your turn is now to pay the price
For all the mess they’ve made.

The houses down the side way seem
To wait for you to come;
When you step in there’s no one there
You’ve always been alone.
And if you ask me for the name
This game has, or any advice,
I can tell you only what you (already) know:
It is a malicious game of dice!
If you can be used they waste your life,
They take it slice by slice.
And it will always be for you
To stand and pay the price;

And if you miss, as I might do,
The logic in this game;
It’s our stupidity again
That has to take the shame.
“You just can’t get it, you’re too numb?
You just can’t understand?
You’ll have to run another round,
There’s more for you to learn!”
When you obey and ask again:
“Well, are my lessons done?”
They laugh and laugh and ask you back:
“Well, are your lessons done?”

They’ve washed your brain when you were young
Dressed you up for their success;
And when it was your turn to run
You’ve always been a mess.
You’ve longed for freedom all your life,
It was purpose and reason;
But all you’ve met and all you gained
Was but malicious treason;
Half of your life you were too young
For the award of freedom,
And now you’re free you have grown old
You are of no more use.

You are not free you’ve just gone lost;
You don’t participate but cost;
Your feel to moan, sit down and cry,
What should there else be left but die?
No consolation, nor relief
At any place in sight;
With the sinking sun in front of you,
You still don’t know what’s wrong or true -
And death right by your side.

There is no reason to be bold,
You’re out of business, growing cold.
You’ve done too long what you’ve been told,
There’s reason for your Blues.

For six decades they were engaged
To shape your constitution,
Conditioning your attitudes
With wrappings of illusion;
They played you like an instrument
Exploiting all your wishes,
When they infused presented Bills
While hiding behind Bushes.
When you listen to the latest news
You can’t tune in to be amused;
While you’re still standing in your shoes,
You’re not insane: you just know the truth;
Somehow you knew it all since your early youth:
There’s good reason for your Blues.

Yes, there’s good reason for your Blues.

6./29.Mai;1./4./5. Aug. 2007

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