Romantische Landschaft mit Menschenopfer

Romantische Landschaft mit Menschenopfer
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Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Neo-Technototalitarianism, Privatized.

Privatized Neo-Technototalitarianism.


Reply to an embarrassed YouTube-User, complaining that their content has been taken down from YouTube's servers.


Privatization is the way to realize (technologically assisted) postmodern neoabsolutism:

That is what you are experiencing. That's what we all are heading for. It needs more than Sense and Sensibility (sensualism or impressionism) to realize that, and that would be Categories, Method and Analysis, Awareness and Anticipation, nothing that is too hard for a sturdy observer.

The embarrassment can't be as genuine as it tries to appear. Informed people should know what 'privatization' is all about: If you cannot realize absolutism by government, do it by privatization (besides propaganda, including that of the free market for monopoly games, insuring you that everything is there just for you.) After all we had discussion about what 'Reagan' and 'Thatcher' really mean, if translated back into structure and dynamics of organized systems and the system of organizations.

Deregulation and privatization were from the beginning and intentionally very successful attempts to change 'things' radically in favor of big enterprise and corporative power, that intended to circumvent the cumbersome restrictions of political restraints in the way of the construction of a global thermodynamic machine fueled and lubricated with the biomass of homo sapiens.

It is strange that everybody seems to drop from pink clouds here. Soberness would be a good idea, for sake of one's own awareness of the kind of reality that is under construction here.

TeufelIt is boring to repeat that absolute power corrupts absolutely because it is only true for people who are corrupt and opportunistic from the start, intrinsically.

But the people who are running these machines are intentionally after absolute power and is has been pointed out long that the great corporations are closed shops of absolute rule and power and submissiveness. They are breeding, cultivating it. That's what corporate 'philosophy' and 'culture' are all about. And it is evident that corporate power 'educates', trains, shapes and bends not only its personnel but simply everybody not only within it's reach but simply everybody. There is no limit at all, and all this is intentionally, not accidental or coincidence.

The so called user, the 'customer', who 'freely' makes use of the offer made for him is constantly educated and reeducated following the lead of the making of organized purpose and intentions, that are in no way her own. Does nobody realize what is going on here?

Oh, I see, it's all so much fun, and all these new 'opportunities', for democracy and free speech and participation, and activities that give your meaningless existence sense and purpose, never in history known chances to withstand power...through convincing You to implement yourself into the machine as one of the easily substituted nodes of a vast net of idle signalprocessing wires and machines, that need desperately to recruit You to volunteer to produce 'content' because else it is of no use at all besides business machine corporation purposes to keep business running (faster). Oh. Really, IZZAZTSO? So funny? And you regularly and periodically pay for having access to the wires and machines, right? To exert Your rights and to make use of Your opportunities?

At the end of the period take a look at your balance sheet and the one of the corporations you are working for not only, but you even pay for working for them. Not isn't that something completely new in the history of slavery or wage slavery? Wasn't that a wonderful idea? To make the slaves pay for the work they contribute without being pressed and to make them pay for their complaints even, exactly through the construction of a world wide complaining machine where they can complain as much as they want as long as it is without any consequence and as long as they pay for the complaints, measured in time online? Not to talk about the investment in machinery that is prerequisite for the access to the wires? Not to talk of the opportunities to overhear everything they plot and provide for preemptive measures to deal with that right on time?

Can it be true that anybody has not yet realized that all those who have let themselves carried away blindly from the hype and the artificial enthusiasm the enterprise of the internet and the computer business has 'created' indeed work for the machine incessantly, and without being given an job or being hired or payed? And that this does not mean to have 'rights' to discuss the decisions the business finds appropriate for the sake of its own goals, that drag along and finally down everything and everybody who wanes to be able to follow her own ideas?

How can anybody be so blind. That's not naiveté. It is the effect of the consequences of a conditioning propagated by a huge machine that is in the end and effect an enormous extension of a military project and organization in principle, that forms rather than in-forms organisms that are prone to its propaganda: an animal symbolicum.

Have you ever seen a gorilla being impressed by the internet, computers, TVs or the Big Bang Theory? No, because he/she is immune against propaganda (culture, words, pyramids, temples or Wall Street and George Washington, Lord Carnavon or Saruman or Gandalf whatever.).

Come on, there's still an chance to become 'human' above being cattle to be fed into the machine or deciding to be content simply being a specimen of a species overratedly called 'homo sapiens'. You might well delete 'sapiens'.

Take it easy! All this can and could be known in advance without being or becoming a prophet. Just turn your back on it. And do not place your data in the hands of people you cannot trust, or at least keep a copy so you can restore them elsewhere if you have been cheated. You cannot give up responsibility for your own decisions. If they are wrong it may hurt YOU no matter who else is concerned.

It's the same thing with placing data in a 'cloud'. You might drop from the cloud or be dropped and experience a hard crash. It depends on from how high you fall from cloud-cuckoo-land (Aristophanes). All this can and could be known in advance without being or becoming a prophet.

That is what swarm intelligence is all about: It is the behavior of the sardine swarm when the predators approach and shortly before they are devoured and swallowed in masses. ;-)

What for do you think is all this hype arranged for that makes people behave like moths when they approach a lamp in the dark of a moonless night? To flock around some put-up computers to feed people who they will never meet and who do not give a damn for their destiny with billions of Dollars or whatever the name of the currency?

Well, all's well if they just feel fine.

And YOUTUBE champions only itself with everything they do there. That's the all overriding simple truth. Everybody should have that in mind. The users are not the purpose of the existence of the machines.


See also: The Snowden Files: so much more than state surveillance

Jonathan Gray 6 February 2014

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