Romantische Landschaft mit Menschenopfer

Romantische Landschaft mit Menschenopfer
Weißt Du wieviel Wolken gehen weithin über alle Welt...

Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

New Labour and the Idea of a ‘Great Society’


Another Reform!

The primitives of political rhetoric and the regression of collective consciousness of the reality of life.

(Some quotings from: Welcome to New Socialism, Neal Lawson and John Harris, and: Dear Labour left: don't reject what Blair understood, Britain has changed and we ARE all in it together. Peter Kellner, 03rd December 2010”)

„Labour recoils from debate because it has almost forgotten how to think, or even why it should.” No, they do not recoil from something. To recoil from something means to know somehow what it is first.

And they ‘think’?, but if at all, then on the ground of certain suppositions; “As ever, its default position is that socialism remains what Labour governments do.” This is Wittgenstein’s (and others) fatal philosophy of language: A word’s meaning is defined by its use. Use it, abuse it as you like, that exactly is its meaning. You come out in a mixture of Brave new world and ‘1984’, a combined negative utopia, and nobody should repeat the mantra, that utopia cannot be realized or it is only a dream of daydreamers, and not the nightmare we are living in. It is real. We are living it.

“The contradictions duly pile up, and the challenge of unpicking them is so daunting that the party seems to have switched off.” No, it is different: What we have here are the consequences of a systematic degradation and degeneration of social and historical thinking and political theory, that have been systematically produced in the institutions of education, that were and are the object of political calculus, combined with a unconditional careerism and opportunism of the people that simply wanted to advance at whatever cost, while they followed the path of least resistance over decades, and especially in the so called ‘humanities’, that should better be renamed to ‘Homo-sapiensities’or simply socio-biology (with respect to the species Homo sapiens), the most ferocious beast that ever happened to roam on this closed two dimensional surface. Because there is nothing like ‘moral sciences’ and the term is supposedly avoided intentionally.

The repetition of the same formula that tells us, that these or that mistakes and errors have been made, that the leaders were distracted this or that way is simply wrong. Indeed, they always simply did what they did and there is nothing 'wrong'. Where should the criteria come from to qualify things this way? The leaders of the people always did just what they did and the elections always were legitimized by the 'necessary majority'.

All the bestialities and all the brutalities, mass murder, starving of masses, audacious exploitation and genocide (as in the process of forming of the 'democracy of what is now, under these circumstances, the USA) always have been committed just the right way by the right people and they where exactly just what really happened, and there was not mistake anywhere, because all this is just the sum, the ensemble of the conditions of the life that we all in fact live.

All the murderous actions that constitute our past are the conditions, the prerequisites of our existence. So the rhetoric manipulation of the past and the present of 'our' in fact cannibalistic existence is nonsense, because it is in fact what we all really are, and nothing else. And all that makes up the sum of the preconditions of our life goes on in reality of our present existence, with our consent, with our help and our assistance as long as these systems of lies made up as science of whatever kind and precision, are simply taken for granted b everybody and as long as they are not beaten out of the temple and their value-exchange-tables are not turned upside down.

The first thing has to be to get rid of the myth of so-called 'high-culture' and its type of education, that is hardly more than the legitimization of all the cannibalistic practices that make up what it is in brute and naked reality without the veils of cultural costuming and illusion production that has the function to make the following generations to get used the practices as 'socio-cultural tradition' you should above all in the end be proud of as of 'your own socio-cultural identity', as if this would not have to be something you are not simply drilled to take it for granted but that would have to pass the borders of your judgment when it arrives at your gates of your castle and asks you to hand over the keys to your doors and to your treasury chamber.

Whoever simply takes for granted the factual form of institutionalization of the 'humanities', sciences that have to find out where we really live and what we really are and could be and would have to be, simply because he/she finds it in this form, institutionalized by the powers and vested interests that be, without contesting these facts with the means of exactly these 'sciences' and in using the correct criteria that have to be applied if it wants to be and is science, has not understood what science, method, questioning, research really is, but has adapted blindly to dictates stemming from the design of a 'higher education' that has been designed after the demands of power and invested interests, and as such can be perverted in any way, and the first questions would have to be if and how far the perversion reaches, but it is the fatal paradox of these circumstances, that the first questions can be asked with a certain precision when the perversion has been internalized through the education process, the enculturation process that has the function to blindfold judgment capability or to sabotage its successful development from the start.

So at the end of the process the ‘first questions’ cannot be asked anymore because the drilled mind has become used the distraction and takes its results as the success that is confirmed by the 'grade', and the more irrevocable the better the grade. The fact, that no external authority can confirm what only correct judgment using correct criteria can confirm is simply set aside, ignored or does not come to the mind, because is was and is much more easy to substitute all that by external authority that seemingly nods good-heartedly, as it seems, and what else does really count for children, who have understood early that to obey without questions other than those that they have been insinuated to ask to appear as being 'intelligent', is the best way to succeed, that is to get a good job and not to be excluded from 'participation'.

So in fact that findings of many investigations and insight in human reality – as a kind of herd led by predators, beneath them 'scientists' as the shepherd-dogs – have never really been applied to the organization of collective life in another form as to optimize control to be absolute, and that means they have never been applied as part of sciences for and from humans, not to speak of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of the 'moral sciences', the equivalent for what is called 'Geisteswissenschaften' (including mathematics and astronomy, with reference to Platonic tradition) on the continent, in a now systematically disgraced language and tradition, a tendency present in every kind of science tradition in English language, that is often very fine spun but present.

These people are not content to have won wars, they hold, according to Darwin, what has been brought down by arms and disgraced by the historiography of victors in arms, must be of minor value and might be forgotten or neglected by a form of understanding of 'progress', that emerges out of an inflation of the self of the victors. That exactly the reason why the beast homo sapiens is so much more advanced than the predator Sauropods and the great beasts that have gone to give way for homo sapiens.

The stupidity has advanced backed by state authority as science, in the form of a narrow form of positivism and plane empirism, that relies on polls, and such. Simply no mind of that shape could be capable to read Kant, Hegel or Ernst Cassirer, not to speak of understanding them. This way this kind of science only lists up the debilitating effects of its own implementation as ‘personality’ or the average socio-cultural ‘identity’ of ‘self’, a product of a form of mass conditioning with methods of industrial assembly-line mass production, in this case of ‘consciousness’ and its unconscious preconditions, that cannot be brought to light. The output is reformed in the primitive concepts political rhetoric is only capable of, and there is no awareness of the fact, that it con only operate upon a concept of reality of life, that cannot be articulated in the primitive schemes of political rhetoric.

How to hell was it possible that ever individual of homo sapiens can imagine itself without having made the least effort to think of itself as being 'man', simply following the fact that the powers to be grant him a 'right to vote' every four years or so? As if one thing had anything to do with the other.

These people have in fact conquered a socio-cultural environment once implemented in the institutions of education and are in fact the leading ‘thinkers’ and the responsible people who are in charge to educate the actual and the coming generations and the cartwheel has run deep and long into a sticking mud off the road, and the asses will not be capable to pull it out again. In fact there is no intellectual leadership. Instead a train of careerists who have taken the positions and though they all (together without any regard to the primitive distinctions in terms of ‘political parties’ or ‘convictions’) have made their profits while the country was driven by them into the quagmire, they still and again claim to be the only capable leaders, and in fact there is always only one generation in one generation, to say it this way, so there is no alternative and they will go on, pointing here and there, and the herd will follow in fractions, one part here, the other there, hopefully it leads somewhere. And the shepherd hounds will bark and the cattle moves on to the slaughterhouse.

Whoever claims that there is any reason in all this is not up to the state of things and necessary insight. The times of this kind of ‘science’ are over. You cannot say yes constantly to an all pervading ‘scientific’ approach that simply manages a biomass of a usefully employable population of a pigsty or a coral on one hand while driving them through a huge arrangement of taxation and economic milking, assisted by complicated evaluation methods, that tax the actual ‘worth’ of whole populations in pounds, dollars or Euros, wholesale to every potent investor, who wants to buy the whole population and then talk, as if nothing has happened or changed, about ‘culture’ and ‘social life’, education, even ‘higher education’, ‘mankind’ and ‘society’, ‘nation’ and ‘Britishness’ as if entities of such a kind (still) existed (Britishness = having agreed to Margaret Thatcher’s political and economical leadership, and to all the consequences, that now make up ‘reformed Britishness’, including having agreed to Tony Blair’s leadership’. In fact his boat has stranded. (“All hands on deck, we run ashore, I heard the captain cry…And no one left alive…”).

And of course you cannot inundate language with a crude positivism, that is founded in ‘meaning’ (independent of any other definition of reality) and then all of a sudden use the word ‘thinking’, not realizing, that ‘science does not think’. This mixing up of everything in a game of metaphors and synonymous abuse of language lead you to where you are now, entangled and lost in a labyrinth of meanings with lost shapes and contour while the material reality has gone. You sold them to India and China or Asia. It will not come back.

So all you can do is making plans like Nowhere Man. You have been told that you are going to be the fools on the hill. But everybody who is addressed thinks he/she is cleverer than he/her neighbor and it is they who are going to be the fools, and the others are the ones who are addressed. This is a kind of common sickness with narcissism. It needs a conscious awareness of a material world to live in and to give meanings a sound ground. The rest is cyberspace’, a huge cloud of mixed up ‘meanings’ or worse: what you imagine they are.

“So where is the light? It comes from two places: from leaders and from people who tell us that it is both feasible and desirable to renew…” whatever. Nice try, that.

“Wherever you go, wherever you roam, this world is stuffed with leaders,

Eager to tell you where it’s at and where to buy your sneakers.

They tell you what to dream or read,

They tell you what to drink or eat,

And while you die they finally say

(About everything you did): ‘You did it your way’!”

Are you sane: The call for the Fuhrer? ‘Jawoll, mein Fuhrer’. Did you not fight for ‘freedom’ from Fuhrers? Ok, now you have, what you wanted, and you would like to return? From King to Fuhrer (Dux, Lord, Tyrannos, Caesar, or a president in a Capitol is not as far as you might wane. It is all a problem of proper maskerade.) is after all not so far.

Let’s review that a bit. ‘Social change’ (a mystical entity of unknown origin, that has strange and undeciphered aims and goals and works behind the scene, a ghost without form which is everywhere and nowhere at once.) has accelerated in a way that it comes – it’s results - into the range of perception of a life time, generating experience, that is: At least three, most of the time four or five times in one average life-time of an individual things are put completely upside down.

Nothing to rely on, no plans for the long run, that can be solidly grounded (for instance if you would like to have a family and raise children). Before your very eyes the surrounding world is destroyed and rebuilt in a way you had no imagination of while you listen to the ever present ‘leaders’ everywhere, who tell you, in fact command you to learn, to relearn and to re-relearn, if you want to survive under their demanding sermon, while they constantly tell you the same sermon over and over (i. e. They learn nothing): Follow me. “(Follow me, the wise man said, but he walked behind.”)

Finally you realize that to learn and to follow is the everlasting task of the objects of power, while ‘power’ means: No necessity to learn, because others can be committed and sentenced to learn instead. Meanwhile the world changes, that is, you wake up and you are adrift without an anchor and without a sextant in a sea of constant or abrupt ‘change’. The leader steps up and shouts: What we need is change and you answer: Yes, we can. You are in the habit to learn. But you always have been in the habit to learn, because that is your part, to be led and to learn, because it is fun to learn, as long as it does not lead you to experience, the endpoint of learning, because every school and education must have an end. Its promise always is and was: You are adult, out of school.

In fact now you learned something new, and the sum is: Your expectations always have been embarrassed, your faith always abused and misused. And you always had to learn that you did not learn enough (quantitatively) or the wrong things (qualitatively). So it seems to be your turn again to learn and to follow the ‘leaders’. You have watched the leaders. They made great careers, and when they finally where ousted they came back from even higher above. They cannot fail. It is always you who is the failure. And now you find a leader who tells you to follow leaders and to have them tell you whatever is necessary and you should follow.

The obvious assumption here is that never in this process perception turns into awareness and awareness into experience and that experience sets an end to the suggestibility that tells you to run another round to support careerists, that will become rich and famous at your cost and because you support them faithfully with your intellectual capability, your money and your constant support, your life, so to speak, and while you waste it away they get famous rich and powerful just to tell you that whatever you want or think is ‘in wane’ and of no importance, that is: wrong.

The social democracy as a political party is a tale of constant corruption, opportunism of the leaders at the expense of the followers (the ‘fans’) and its aims and goals are all in all the same as the goals of the famous or infamous ‘pop idols’, because they exploit the dreams and the longings of their followers in no other way than political parties, especially when they take into their hands the deplorable fate of ‘the masses’.

The outcome is always the same. The benefits, if any, got never to the nameless and faceless individuals, that make up the audaciously abused following, but to a few individuals, who make careers as ‘the leaders’ who tell everybody which way to go while they slowly change their aims and goals because ‘reality and insight’ make it necessary. Their function is always the same: To ‘communicate’ to the masses, why things must happen the way they happen to the embarrassment of the people who support in reality their own hope, not realizing that it is taken away from them, turned into a bundled commodity and sold cheaply to power, while the agents get their share.

You can as good read that from ‘journalism’ as from ‘pop culture’ or from ‘political parties’, and it holds for teachers and doctors, professors and chairmen or –women of NGO’s or ‘free institutes’ for political analysis and so on.

Can anybody tell you the material difference between an agent of an intelligence agency of state and or power on one side and a professor of ‘humanities’ or ‘politics’ or sociology or psychology?

Psychology, for instance, is in the most cases simply fascism turned Science. It’s only function and authorization is control. There is no conception of ‘man’ in all that, but only a primitive, the most primitive concept of biological life, with the Limes of machine. Edward L. Bernays, the uncle of Sigmund Freud, is the author (and in fact the inventor of the concept) of a book with the title ‘Propaganda’ (1928). Taste it:

“THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.” That is: A smoothly functioning machinery! The metaphor just means nothing else. Above all the concept of the functioning machine prevails.

The unanswered question in this text sequence is who is this all including ‘our’? But that’s not so important.

This kind of ‘science’ is the consequence of ‘psychoanalytic research’ and that has to be kept in mind with respect of the actual state of collective life of the ‘most advanced societies’. It documents the unconditional will of a ruthless careerist. All this kind of science is by no means ‘human’ of for humans. It is only for power and control. So in fact there are no ‘humanities’, institutionalized by the power machines of the Leviathan (which is the temple of the ghost of Henry VIII.), but only the greed for control of a biomass of isolated individuals of the animal species of homo sapiens, the true and only object of all economic enterprise since culture adopted the attribute ‘high’ and formed ‘hierarchies=holy orders’- there you are! - a term government-sociology uses naively as if it meant nothing to do it.

What does this mean? It means, that 1984 happened in 1928 and in the USA, (before the infamous ‘fascism’ in Europe) to the least, but it could also be traced to behaviorism (in the USA, and Watson, before Skinner) (and that is: earlier), from which ‘learning theory’ is only an update. You might have learned whatever. It makes you not necessarily capable to ‘think’, (because ‘thinking’ is not only a technical process) to have the capability of judgment (and of course the ‘material’ upon which judgment operates).

But every democracy is necessarily founded on the capability of judgment of the individual. Wherever systematic manipulation and stirring from the outside (of the lonely crowd, or better, the crowd of the lonely) prevails, there can be ‘elections’, even ‘fair elections’, but the output is just the result of processes of mass-psychology, inclinations and dreams, drives and appetites, wishes and striving, like the hope to win the jackpot or to rob a bank successfully, in short: to live at some other people’s cost and energy.

That is what might have changed: That nobody can simply recommend to open e new round of the same game of the same kind, while everybody can be capable to know how the outcome of the five or six times of ‘radical change’ in his or her life conditions as a whole has been, not to speak of the indisputable careers of the political pop stars and the rubbish heaps they accumulated for others to live on, and at the same time be aware what has become of their own faith in their leaders, that stepped into the open places of ‘good parents’ and led the herd into the slaughterhouse. So before any propaganda for a political agenda can be discussed there would have to be diagnosis of the state we are in, that is not merely defined by polls and normalization of distributions of ‘opinions’, ‘beliefs’ and ‘habits’ or ‘shared meanings’ (if there are still any).

So you might shout again just demand: ‘follow me’, and give us all an impression in what state the herd actually is in, that is, we all can see which way they are going to run. Bon voyage. Because if the cattle follows your call, what else are they then but stupid mindless and incapable to rely on a functioning memory and unable even to ‘learn’, not to speak of the ability to ‘think’.

The problem is the unlimited extent to which the power machines have infiltrated and contaminated, distorted and distracted everything that has to do with knowledge about collective and individual life to create the crippled individuals that are the standard output of the state and the power monopoly of education, socialization and enculturation, the development of the individual and the communicative process of reality as a whole.

There is poison everywhere, a leaden legacy that is not even object of a sensibility for environmental and ecological systems, because it simply falls outside the definition of ‘ecology’ or ‘environment’. The contamination and destruction of the human socio-cultural ‘Lebenswelt’ since centuries is not even perceived (as long as there is the constant propaganda of ‘scientific and technological progress’ and ‘growth’), nor it’s extent and meaning for the form consciousness can develop under these unconscious conditions of consciousness perception and ‘thinking’ or judgment respectively.

To resort to the primitives of political language is a symptom of the disaster, because of the fatal conviction, that these superficial perceptions of reality of life rests upon. Just follow the leaders and those who tell you what to do. That’s why we have a disconnected generation. To whom should they turn? To the brainwashed brainwashers that are in charge, simulating good parents and responsible teachers, who know life and give advice to found plans of an own life, while they cannot be held responsible (they have gone to their graveyards) when the results of their advice and poisoned concept of life will show and the price for the faith in it will have to be paid by those who followed? You can go and dig out their bones and use them to throw the apples from the trees, and that is all.

“Come on babe, follow me, I’m the pied piper…” These leaders have been introduced into life and ‘society’ and ‘culture’ by their leaders and altogether have they formed what is now reality of life for others, who come after them, and the recommendation is to follow them, for the next generation. That will come good, be sure.

Meanwhile just sit back and watch the sundown, right in the direction of the wandering herd of Homo sapiens, that is guided by its Good Shepherds and Pastors and their hounds, eager to prevent other predators of the concurring fraction from feeding on its meat. They are the substitutes of the predators that accompanied the herd from old and have managed to get a monopoly to feed from its flesh excluding the other predators.

But the big predators are vanishing from the surface of the earth. They are not tolerated any longer. The last will be able to survive only in zoos. Only the human predators living from the herd of homo sapiens remain and still run free and wild. Let’s make a reform and wipe them out, all at once and forever. It only follows the common path of evolution. Let’s give it a big push. Yes, we can.

We should exterminate the predators that exploit the herd of Homo sapiens, as if it was a biomass, pretending themselves to represent ‘man’ in the masks of Good Pastors and responsible and caring shepherds. Their dogs might survive as pets, as we see fit.

If there is a change needed it is a change in perception and perspective first. What this could mean in terms of political decision of the individual, not the ‘leaders’, is a conclusion stemming from a correct perception of life. It is second or third, not first.

Everybody talks of paradigm change, as if this was s political decision. It is quite the contrary. Every secular decision in political managements rests on the prerequisite paradigm change, if it was not only the repetition of the same comedy with changed personnel.

“New Labour stayed in office for 13 years because the world economy was so strong and the Tories were so weak. But even in such benign circumstances, the poor got poorer and the planet burned.”

That’s a prototype of nonsense explanations. It is a demonstration of the stunning impotence of political analysis in the rhetoric primitives of ‘political’ tactical language. ‘Because’ usually refers to a reason, to a prerequisite, a condition. It means a ‘cause’. But here it is handed as if the cause for something lies in one plane with a series of possible effects. But a cause it what appears only as an effect, as far as the ‘appearance’, the ‘world’ is concerned. The law of gravity is what governs appearance, but not something that appears as an effect.

And to say: ‘This is weak because that is strong’ etc. is outright nonsense. So it is as if you would say: The cause for the light igniting was that I turned the switch. That ‘labour stayed in office’, ‘the Tories were weak’, or ‘the world economy was…strong’ are effects, which altogether would have to be analyzed for their causes, which lie not in the same plane. But this is typical for the output of a form of ‘higher education’ for a proletariat, that is not capable to acquire an adequate insight into the nature of thinking tradition, and falls for the offers or a ‘reformed’ education system, that needs cheap workers for jobs where the workers can wear ‘white collars’ and so emigrate from their class consciousness waning now that costumes have changed they are no longer slaves.

A demand from some senators of Rome to mark the slaves, because they could not be discriminated from the citizens was rejected from the majority with the argument, that if the slaves would realize how many they are they would kill their masters right away.

Today the ‘proletariat’, the slaves have vanished in first place from their own consciousness of their real place in life. (I avoid ‘society’ because they have never been part of it and today there is no such entity anymore.)

There is nothing more elucidating than the stupid resort to ‘classifications’ of type A or E, that make the difference between the ‘middle class’ and the ‘working class’, no matter who makes these discriminations, as if they were not at all qualitative, but could be defined by ‘scientists, presumably coming from the working class, but the most stupid is reclaiming things like this:

“…Today’s shared experiences and irritations are of credit cards, Tesco, mobile phones, MoT tests, Sky, mortgage-lenders, commuting, the Internet and the X-Factor.” (quoted from:Dear Labour left: don't reject what Blair understood, Britain has changed and we ARE all in it together. Peter Kellner, 03rd December 2010”

This, if not anything else proves that this is the completely superficial (self-) consciousness of a completely unchanged consciousness from its unconscious roots of the uneducated classes, the proletariat. That is what these minds are occupied with. They will get nowhere, because they are caught in an illusion that is understandable, because it makes it easier to bear the life of a wage slave, with the peculiarities of agreed-to self exploitation. That’s when empty heads are authorized for ‘thinking’, that is, something they simply do not understand, but desperately want because it makes them ‘middle class’ or ‘educated’.

The forbodings of this turn of affairs: to downsize the level and the norms of culture and representing ‘man’ to make it achievable to everybody, instead of the long and strainful and maybe futile climbing to the peaks where not everybody can dwell or only reach for, have long been noticed before the common and shared illusion became real, that all that can be realized in becoming man has been realized as a reality of illusionary mass psychology. It is no wonder then that the primitives of political rhetoric occupy the foreground of the stage of this infamous comedy. It was the only way to get what you wanted so greedily, the prestige, without any effort to realize it. As long as nobody opposes it is alright. That’s what ‘consensus’ is all about: To convince yourself all together that you cabin is a palace.

The task was and is and ever will be to become ‘man’, if your are born an individual of the species of homo sapiens, an animal and predator of the most malicious kind that ever lived in masses of on this planet. The technical ‘development stage’ of a civilization is by no means an index for the cultural stage of development of a culture, as a form of communication, that has nothing to do with the usurpation of the word by the signal processing and bureau machine industry.

How about defining the existence of the slaves anew: Everybody who dies about as naked, poor and destitute as he/she is born, and almost as stupid and unable to get aware of and realize what it meant to have the opportunity to become man, and to be denied to make use of it, or, what is even more disastrous, to reject it arrogantly.

What is wrong here is that everything is reduced to the primitives of political tactical rhetoric and a sociology that is founded on marketing strategies and not upon a qualitative understanding of the notion and the intertwined concepts of ‘culture’ and ‘man’, that have almost nothing to do with the existence of the animal species of homo sapiens, taken the existence for granted as a precondition.

You might see it otherwise. Okay. But if this is ‘commons sense’ in an unqualified way, then at least I do not need a cell-phone or an internet connection, to do what of any avail?

What is really missing here? The capability to make out what reality of life is. The social construction has immigrated into the minds and keeps them captive. What identifies itself as ‘consciousness’ of a social reality (which would be its ‘object’) is part of what it only believes to be conscious of, as of its object. Indeed it is part of the object of a mind that would be capable to analyze it.

That’s what the generations are disconnected from: A correct symbolic representation of reality of life before and beyond the primitives of political rhetoric of (‘post-modern’ is a term saying nothing. It is taken from the ‘aesthetics’ of architecture.) a post-cultural and post-social machinery, that smashes the exploding biomass of Homo sapiens to consume it, as the sole and only object of what only idiots can call ‘economy’, as it wastes life as a whole.

The degenerated minds, objects, parts of a huge machine functions of which they are, dance in a dream of drunkenness like the flame of a candle over the wax, thinking of themselves to be the light of the universe. What is missing is the proper symbolic re-presentation (!) of reality of life.

Nice little game, neatly to watch while you slowly burn down, sooting a bit and flickering in the changing political wind. You will just burn down, because there is nothing else you can do, and hardly anybody will be watching it. J And nobody will miss you when the lights go out. And most will not even know that you have been there.

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